Brinks Road

Brinks Road NF 236 • 40 miles:
For this ride you may want to obtain Bayfield County Highway map, free from the bike shop or from the Bayfield Chamber of Commerce. The route will take the peloton through 25 miles of the Chequamegon National Forest on a little or no traveled, newly paved road. It passes several lost lakes (maybe for a short dip?) and continues up to the Moquah Barrens, a wild area preserved to demonstrate the  barren, scrubby ecology that is the natural  course of the high peninsula.
From Washburn (12 miles S of Bayfield on highway #13) take Co. highway C north about 10 miles to Valhalla ski trail head. After the Valhalla entrance climb the hill and look sharp for a left hand turn on the only paved road available. It’s about 1.5 miles beyond Valhalla and signed with “NF 236” to Ino and Highway #2. If you’ve driven in your car to this point, you’ll find a little pull-off to park on. The route begins here and gently rolls south some 22 miles south and west to highway #2 at the Ino Bar. With the county map you can find your way back to Washburn by using some of the same county highways that are used for the Superior Vistas Bike Tour held each June. Other- wise, simply turn around and return on #236. I guarantee you’ll not be disappointed.

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